Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pionering At Camp

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Camp recount

“Oh man I didn't think the mud was going to be this thick.. Ok Aimee let's face it no going back now.

The mud smelt horrible ferocious well it smelt like poo! Oh i even hate thinking about it. Now this the part my team and I get muddy. Yes it's the low net we are crawling in the gooey stinky mud. Here comes the muddy water there was a pit of muddy water it was shallow so there we jumped holding our breath with our mouths shut. So that disgusting stuff didn't get in our mouth.

We had to go through rivers and ponds it was a big challenge for me I knew that I just had to keep going and not give up no matter what I just had to do  it I pushed myself.

But in the end I did it and it felt good that I did it and I felt proud of myself. My team helped me so much.

By: Aimee Clements